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Our company offers a range of services related to tree trimming, including major branch removal, canopy thinning, and pruning as well as large-scale crown reduction. We have the right equipment and the expertise necessary to complete large-scale tree trimming jobs quickly and efficiently so that you can enjoy an attractive landscape without worrying about potential safety hazards. Some homeowners avoid tree trimming and pruning because they think that it requires a significant amount of time and effort, however, this is not true all the time. Tree trimming can be done by following simple techniques that involve making cuts only at the branch collar using the proper tools and calling Alhambra Tree Service Experts for help.

Major cuts are the most important types of cuts and involve removing a large portion of a branch to make room for new growth. Intermediate cuts provide balance to the tree by reducing the height of branches that grow too tall or opening up small interior branches that don’t have enough light or air circulation. In addition to looking unattractive, these branches can cause the death of the entire tree if left without any trimming for too long. Renewal cuts are cuts that remove dead or dying wood from a branch to make room for new growth. In addition to providing improved health and appearance, renewal cuts reduce pest problems in trees since harmful insects and fungi are there.

Lateral cuts are made parallel to the main branch of a tree to increase its width or for structural balance. Shoulder cuts remove limbs that grow too close to the main trunk of a tree and cause injury or decay. It is important to prune your tree at the right time of year, as different techniques must be used depending on the season. During winter or early spring, you can use a saw without worrying about sap accumulation that can cause damage to the blade. Only remove branches that are diseased, damaged, or crossing each other. It is important to develop an eye for tree pruning since even small mistakes can cause serious damage to the tree.

We highly recommend evaluating the tree after every session of pruning in order to ensure that there is no damage to the tree. In addition, you can check for dead branches of trees and any broken limbs. While many homeowners think that pruning from the bottom up will cause more stress on the tree, and it actually reduces stress since hanging branches can cause damage to the tree as they sway back and forth in the wind. It is also important to note that pruning from top-down can actually hurt your tree since this is like removing a major food source for insects and birds.

In order to avoid spreading diseases, we recommend cleaning any tree trimming and tree pruning tools that were used in a diseased tree. In addition, all jewelry should be removed prior to climbing a tree, and gloves should always be worn when pruning. Alhambra Tree Service Experts offer the best tree trimming services in the area and we are always more than happy to help our fellow residents. If you are in need of any tree service at all, please let one of our tree surgeons know and they will provide you a free estimate before any of the tree work has started. We look forward to improving your landscape and property very soon.

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