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The definition of a shrub is any tree that has multiple stems that are approximately the same size. These plants may also have several branches that can grow close to the ground, form roots at their nodes, and spread through runners. While many homeowners enjoy having plant life in their landscape, there are times when they need to get rid of unwanted shrubs. Shrubs normally pose a problem when they are planted too close to the house, where their roots can eventually damage the foundation of your home. Our landscaper can also help eliminate shrubbery for those who would like to reclaim their yard, so call Alhambra Tree Service Experts today.

These plants often inhibit the growth of new grass and other types of greenery, which is why removing them will allow more sunlight and water to reach the desired vegetation. Most homeowners who will need to remove shrubs that are growing into their garden or yard will do so for one of the following reasons: To create more space for their desired vegetation-taller shrubs will often block sunlight, water, and essential nutrients from reaching the roots of your desired plants which is why you would need to prune them or completely remove them. To open up space for a swimming pool, which may be the best time to remove any unwanted shrubs that are growing close to your home.

To prevent damage to your lawn is when shrubs are allowed to grow closer with grass, they can eventually damage the roots of these plants, which is why you would need to remove them before this happens. To remove branches that pose a hazard or risk the shrubs can occasionally develop diseased or weak branches that are susceptible to breaking off in the event of high winds, ice storms, or other natural disasters. These weakened branches may pose a threat to you and your family which is why they need to be pruned away from your home if at all possible. To reduce the risk of wildfires if you are concerned about bushfires in your area.

Removing these plants may be a responsible precaution to protect yourself and your home. Increasing the property value of shrubs that have grown close to your house can sometimes cause irreversible damage that reduces its selling price or causes other potential buyers to take pause. If you are interested in learning more about the types of shrub removal services that are offered at Alhambra Tree Service Experts, then please give us a call today. One of our arborists is here to answer any questions that you may have about this service or others that we offer. You can also schedule an appointment with our tree surgeon to have the work completed.

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